Summer Time!

Summer time is right around the corner (even though it has felt like summer for weeks now!) which brings changes in many of our lives.  Kids are out of school, vacations are planned, and many of our schedules are different.  As I think this morning about my own summer schedule, 5 things came to mind that I think we should all do this summer.

1) Spend more time with our family and friends.  Summer is perhaps the best time of the year to spend extended time with family and friends.  Let’s make it a priority!  Have your family over for a cook out.  Go on a weekend vacation.  Call up a relative you haven’t talked to in a while.  Unfortunately with our fast paced culture, we can sometimes neglect those we are closest to.  Let’s not do that this summer!

2) Embrace the change of pace.  Summer is just a different bird.  Let’s embrace the fact that our schedules are going to be different.  If we think that things are going to be just like the school year, we can set ourselves up for frustration.

3) Read.  Remember that book you have been meaning to read for months?  Make it a point to read it this summer.  Go a week without TV and make it happen.  You get bonus points if you read while doing #4.

4) Spend time outdoors.  Summer provides great opportunities for us to enjoy God’s creation.  Let’s not waste it on our couches!  Visit a metro park, take a walk around your neighborhood, or simply sit on your porch and talk to your neighbors.  Enjoy the fresh air and be reminded of God’s incredible creation.

5) Focus on discipleship opportunities.  Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that we get to turn our faith off.  Summer schedules make it more difficult to get large groups of people together for programs, so a focus on individual or small group discipleship opportunities is more ideal.  Have a student over for dinner.  Ask a friend to help with a gardening project.  Let’s find ways to spend meaningful times with people who God may be wanting us to minister to.




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