Three Reasons Youth Ministry Is Important

Good morning.  It’s Friday.  Oh glorious Friday.  I hope you have a good couple days planned for your weekend.

Before that gets here, I wanted to write about youth ministry.  It’s been almost two full years since I left full time youth ministry to become a senior pastor.  So for today’s comments, here are three reasons youth ministry is important.

1. It sows seeds into lots of lives.

There is no better model to sow seeds of love, gospel and truth into the lives of lots of unreached teenagers than youth ministry activities.  Many of the teens we work with do not have the blessing of a Christian family sharing the truth with them (obviously a Christian family is the best way and most Biblical way), but there is no doubt that lots of teens around the world are introduced to the Gospel through youth activities.

2. There is NO better time. 

Statistics tell us that the chance of someone becoming a Christian decreases dramatically following age of 21.  Dramatically.  Do you think youth ministry is important now?

3. It can help combat peer pressure.

If you’ve not talked to a teen going through public school, I urge you to do so.  I believe peer pressure today is as great as it’s ever been.  There are influences which add to peer pressure that make it stronger than it was before social media and rampant use of technology.  The need for teens to anchor themselves in their identity in Christ has never been greater.

This Sunday is youth Sunday at Goss Memorial.  Our evening will begin with a FREE dinner at 5:00 p.m.  At 6:00 our youth will give us an idea of what a typical meeting is like and what God has been doing through our church’s youth ministries this school year.  PLEASE make plans to come and support not only our youth director, but the teens in our church’s youth ministry as well.   It would be a huge encouragement.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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