Three Reasons Why the Holy Spirit Matters

I heard a story yesterday about a young man who recently came to Christ in our community. He thought through the reality of his salvation by asking some basic questions about God and the Trinity.  Upon learning the Holy Spirit was living inside of him because of his faith in Jesus Christ, he replied:  WOW!!

So, what do we expect the Holy Spirit to do?  Here are three reason the Holy Spirit REALLY matters.

1) It really is God’s presence inside of you.

The language the Bible uses describes the Holy Spirit as God’s deposit inside of you.  It is God living there, taking up residence, to work through you until either your death or His return.  This is _______ (put your best adjective here to describe how great this is).

2). POWER.

Acts 1:8 describes power coming on believers through the Holy Spirit’s movement.  That wasn’t just for Acts 2, that is for all time.  Ever felt weak? Unable to do what God called you to do?  Useless?  If we’re honest, we’ve probably ALL felt this way at times.  The presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer means POWER.

3. Fruit (not fruits)

The fruit of the spirit is . . . (look up the the answers in Galatians 5).  You may know several qualities of the fruit of the Spirit on that list.  But it is not the fruits of the Spirit, it is the fruit.  We should be glad to know these qualities can come about inside us, not through our own effort, but by God living in us.  It is so much fun to see lives transformed in this way.  So read this list of the types of fruit that come about in your life when God truly is in control.  It’s amazing.

Have a great Friday everyone!


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