Breakout 2012 is this weekend. Here’s why a senior pastor cares.

This weekend is the 5th annual breakout conference in the Akron area. Here is the website for this amazing youth conference.

Here’s why I care.

1. I have a heart for teens. C’mon! I haven’t grown cold and crusty after only about two years away from it.

2. I am super passionate about this year’s theme. This is a conference that will challenge the young people of this area to live their faith outside church (hence the name breakout). This year’s theme will particularly challenge them to give their hearts and minds fully to Jesus, to go above easy Christianity, and to believe it’s possible to be renewed and live for Christ FULLY even as teens.

3. I’m speaking! What an honor that the youth pastors I worked with for years would invite me to be a part. I have the message tonight at around 8:00 and will be sharing part of my own story while challenging the students let Jesus transform and renew their minds through Hisbgreat grace and mercy.

Refer to Josh’s Wednesday post for more ways to pray. Then, ask them Sunday or next week how the Lord spoke to them through this conference.

Have a great Friday!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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