How being a Christian relates to football

Super Bowl Sunday is this week!  Some basic observations on how being a faithful follower of Christ relates to football:

1.  Are you well led?

Football teams succeed because their coaches have a good feel for their team and how to get the most out of them.  So, first, is Jesus your coach?  Do you look to Him for instruction?  Second, do you have a good view of leadership? If so, your church’s leadership can help you thrive and you can help them thrive.

2.  Discipline

Any athlete must have good discipline.  Many times it takes sacrificing sleep, eating everything you want, time for other activities, etc. in order to get your body in tip top shape as an athlete.  In order to grow, Christians must make sacrifices to discipline their hearts, minds, time, money, etc. to reflect their love and worship of Jesus Christ.

3.  Do you cheer?

In football, there is a “home team advantage”.  The home team gets cheered on more than the road team, and therefore should have an emotional advantage.  What do you get excited about?  As a Christian, do you like it when new people come to church, problems are overcome, sins are defeated through Jesus, and conflict is resolved?  Do these things rev you up? Or do you cheer louder at a football game?

4.  The hits are hard sometimes.

Sometimes in football there are spectacularly hard hits.  Big ones that you can seemingly feel as they’re delivered.  As a Christian we can take hard hits too.  People can make fun of our beliefs, mock us, end relationships because we’re believers.  In other countries, Christians are beaten, threatened, tortured, or killed. The hits can be hard.  But we’re taught that in the midst of persecution we should stand our ground and respond with boldness.

Just like in football.

Have a great Friday everyone.


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