Praying for Kenmore Transformation

This entire week, from Saturday Jan 14th at 9:00 p.m. until Saturday Jan 21st at 6:00 p.m., someone is praying for revival in Kenmore.

Isn’t that an encouraging thought?

God has led First Glance to organize a week of prayer for the Kenmore community. Literally around the clock there is someone crying out to God, pleading on Kenmore’s behalf, for God to move in mighty ways in this community.  This is absolutely not to say “How great for us”, but it is to say “We NEED you, God.  Come, seek, and save the lost.”

Decades ago, Goss Memorial Church faced a decision to either stay put, or leave and go to another community.  The church leaders decided that God was leading us to stay here, in Kenmore.  We are still here, and God has many reasons for us being right where we are.  What an opportunity that we have as an urban church to reach out and share the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Kenmore.

Here are things that you can be in prayer for as we cry out to God this week:

-Spiritual revival for the believers and the lost of Kenmore

-For God’s truth to penetrate our hearts

-Economic revival for the jobless, homeless, and hopeless

-That spiritual warfare would be a reality to us

-For God to be glorified in Kenmore




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