Romans 12

The Bible sets a very high standard for love.  Recently, our Friday night Bible study group went through Romans 12 over the course of several sessions.  Several highlights stand out as I reflect:

The standard of love involves loving downward.  One of the phrases that stands out to me upon reflection is “do not be afraid to associate with those of low position”.  We should have a place in our hearts for people less fortunate, less whatever than we think we are ourselves.  This can be applied to many Christians, especially in the American church.

The standard of love challenges our desire to exact revenge.  We had several really good talks about wanting to get revenge or trying to handle people who present a lot of difficulties and challenge.  But in Romans 12 you come face to face with the Biblical mandate that it’s God to whom vengeance belongs. We may have to wait our entire lives and never see what we think is “just” for someone.  Eternity gives a lot of perspective this life will never afford us when it comes to what we feel is right and wrong.  Note: this is NOT to say we shouldn’t campaign for justice here and now, it’s just that we may not often get it how we think it should be done.

The standard of love involves everyone.  There is no hierarchy of who doles out love.  The picture in Romans 12 is that the body works together to bring a witness of love.  This involves everyone.  There is no part of the body that is uninvolved – each can contribute with various gifts.

It truly takes a transforming of the mind to represent Jesus in this day and age.  Otherwise, we conform to the rest of the world and lose our distinctiveness.

Have a great Friday everyone!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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