Tip #8: This passage (Mark 1:14-20) calls us to give up things to further God’s kingdom. What will you give up?

The passage referenced in this hint is foundational to understanding Christianity.  Two words must drive our focus:

1. Repent

Repentance is not feeling sorry for yourself, or feeling sorry about something you did.  Repentance is a change of mind, first and foremost.  As I think about repentance I think of asking God to help me think and make decisions like He would want, rather than the way I would want.  Asking for forgiveness for ignoring God is part of repentance, but it also involves giving Him everything as look to move forward.

In evangelism, we must challenge repentance.

2. Believe

But faith must accompany repentance. We must believe God is ultimately the one who will help us repent.  Otherwise, we’re back to the uselessness of trying to earn God’s favor.  Mark 1:15 doesn’t tell us to earn the good news, it tells us to believe the good news.  Do we have a core, transforming belief about who Jesus is and what He’s done for us?

If so, let that belief be coupled with repentance as we daily seek to live and walk in His ways, not our own.


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