Tip #7: We can share a faith that isn’t wishy-washy if we know God’s the only one who gives the grace to live it!

We have to know this tip well.  Two reasons:

1.  We need to be firm and bold in what we believe about Christ.  As some of these other tips will point out, there is a lot of wrong thinking about Jesus and we must look into the heart of the Gospel message and always make sure our heart is as true as the message we carry.

2.  God is the only person who will give us grace to carry His message.  If we try to do it by ourselves, we’ll fail and we’ll mislead a lot of people in the meantime.  The message of Christ is specifically that – the message of Christ.  It’s about Him first, and second it’s about what He’s done for us.  So, we must realize He will give us the grace to share, and rely on Him every step of the way!

Keep praying, keep sharing.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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