Praying for 2012


For a lot of Christians this concept sounds very boring.  Sitting by yourself, or with other, talking to someone who’s just not there.  Certainly, there are more productive things to be done.

But prayer is so much.  Of course a single blog post won’t cover everything.  Books have been written about prayer, its power, its benefits.  And what I hope anyone gets who reads this is that prayer really is one of the most powerful things a believer can do.

I want to direct your attention to an account of prayer in Acts 4.  In particular, verse 31 is powerful:  After they prayed, the place where thy were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

A few things to note:

1.  The place shook.

Now we’re not given a specific of how this came about.  But it shook.  And there was power in what they were saying.  We find from the rest of this passage they are praising God for His sovereignty, His promises through King David, his works in creation, etc.  And the place shook.

2. The Holy Spirit

You can’t get too far in Acts at all without mention of the Holy Spirit.  Believers, let me beg and plead with you to ask for the Holy Spirit’s power in your lives.  In your prayer, in your study, in your service, in those times when you fight personal or private sin.  We want the Holy Spirit to live in us and transform us.  A thorough reading of Galatians 5 will show us how glorious it is when the Holy Spirit gets inside us and begins to transform our spiritual nature.

3. Boldness

They spoke God’s Word with boldness.  Bold.  The Holy Spirit empowered them to be bold.  Pretty self explanatory, right?  Especially if we think our prayer life is lacking or our fervency for evangelism isn’t . . . so fervent.

What’s all this mean for 2012?

I hope that through launching into some deeper times of prayer in 2012 we’ll have these results – that God’s power will be among us, that lives will be changed, that the Holy Spirit will be working in our lives, and that we will be bold in proclaiming God’s Word.

And all of this happened because they prayed.  They prayed.  They prayed.  Will we grow in personal and corporate prayer?

I’m praying we do!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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