11 Things from 2011

Here are 11 things that happened in Goss’ Youth Ministry in 2011.

1) One youth accepted Christ at Project Shine.

2) Two youth were adopted from Laos and joined our group.

3) Two youth connected to Goss were kicked out of their homes.

4) One youth went on a mission trip to Ecuador.

5) Out of the 7 boys that went to Stony Glen in December, 5 went for the first time.

6) The youth painted the Youth Room.

7) Two youth got baptized.

8) The Rock the Road trip went to Columbus, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Dayton.

9) One youth joined the Project Shine board as a Youth Intern.

10) One of our leaders broke her leg while on the Girl’s Outing in Columbus.  (I wont mention any names…) 🙂

11) Battalion moved their program to Pfeiffer Elementary School.

These are just the first 11 things that came to mind, and I know many more things happened that I don’t even know about.  I’m thankful for your prayers and support, and ultimately for what God is doing in Goss church and the Kenmore community.




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