What Do You Pray for Most?

I’ve had several conversations with people recently about the following topic: what do you expect from a Christian prayer meeting?

Most people would answer that they think Christians pray mostly for those with physical problems or illness.  Disclaimer:  I do not think it is wrong to pray for physical sickness.  I pray for the sick, set aside, struggling, hurting, on a regular basis in public and private.  I’m just saying it’s not the only thing or even the first thing that should cause us to pray.

Here are a few thoughts on prayer:

Pray for eternal things.

If someone is sick, pray for any spiritual needs that come along with that.  If you’re not sure they’re a believer, pray the physical sickness will remind them that their body is mortal and that they’ll put their hope and trust in Christ.

Give praise.

We get all out of whack spiritually when we are focused on ourselves.  Giving praise to God forces us to think about good things, and can generate a spirit of thankfulness even in trial (Please refer to James chapter 1 for some good scriptural evidence of this). Remember, when Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray, he said to begin like this: “Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed by Thy name.”


We’ve been trying to teach our children the J.O.Y. of praying.  That’s Jesus (thanking Him, loving Him, focusing on the cross and resurrection); Others (pray for God to work in others’ lives); You.  When we put ourselves last, it guarantees that God and others come first.  So be joyful today, be in prayer, trust God with everything.

Have a great Friday everyone.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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