First there was planking, then there was owling, now there is Tebowing?  Have I lost you yet?  (If you are curious about planking and owling, you should google it.  They are strange fads.)

If you aren’t familiar with Tim Tebow, he is the current Quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  Tebow was easy for Ohio State fans to dislike as he was the QB for the Florida Gators, where he won two national championships and the Heisman trophy.  He is the son of overseas missionaries, and was born in the Philippians (where his parents were stationed).  Part of Tim Tebow’s story is that his mother had a life threatening infection during her pregnancy and it was recommended to her to have an abortion.  Thank goodness she did not take the doctors advise!  The Tebow family, and especially Tim, have not been shy about their anti-abortion stance and have displayed their faith in Jesus Christ to the public eye very clearly.

As an expression of Tim Tebow’s faith, you will find him kneeling down and praying before, during, and after the football game.  This simple act of prayer has brought a lot of attention to Tebow.  Even so much so that a new fad was introduced, called Tebowing.  Its where you assume a Tim Tebow prayer position in odd places and take a picture of it.

Although I do honestly find some humor in it, I definitely see this Tebowing fad as a way for the general public to mock prayer.  But what causes people to want to mock prayer?  Do they understand what prayer is?  Is it so unusual for someone to be praying in public?  Do they feel threatened in some way?  If you were Tim Tebow, would you continue this ritual despite the mocking?

Here are a couple of articles about ‘Tebowing’ : Yahoo Sports, New York Times



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