Tip #6: This passage calls us to give up things to further God’s kingdom. What will you give up?

Priorities matter a bunch in this day and age.  Think this way with me for a moment.  If we asked the average Christian to name the best Christian priorities, some of these answers would surely make the list:

  • Bible Study
  • Prayer
  • Church attendance
  • Commitment to family
  • Fellowship
  • Good morals, public and private
  • Speaking out against political wrongs
To be clear, these are great things.  But do you notice evangelism isn’t on here?  Would it be on your list?  Let’s discuss the concept of giving things up to evangelize.  First, none of these things has to be given up to evangelize.  They just need to be realigned to make sharing the faith a regular part of living.  What must be given up?  Things we enjoy – free time activities, extra TV, perhaps some extra money.  Evangelism can take its place in the regular life of a believer with only a handful of hours in any given week or month. What would you have to rearrange or give up to make evangelism a part of what you do on a regular basis?

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