Tip #5: We can share a faith that isn’t wishy-washy if we know God’s the only one who gives the grace to live it!

As you read through Mark 1, think about the things you’re seeing and hearing.  It’s incredible.  The faith Jesus is calling us to is not for the faint of heart.

A lot of people think Christianity is wishy-washy.  You know, there’s no REAL substance to our message, just an individual achievement of recognizing Jesus and asking for forgiveness.

The things we encounter in the beginning of this Gospel do not permit us to think that way.  We see a lot of activity, we see a lot of challenge.  We see repentance, evil, and words like “kingdom”.  These are things which clearly indicate significant changes in values.

But none of it’s about us.  It’s about God’s Kingdom anyway, it’s not earned.  And repentance is only by God’s grace anyhow.  So why on earth would we go out sharing the truth of Jesus like we have another chance for success except in God’s grace alone?

It’s my hope and prayer as you are sharing (or being stirred to share) that you will ask God for the grace to share and trust Him fully with the results.  Be bold, share hard truths.  Pray lots!


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