Tip #4: Will discouragement squash our desire to share?

So how about the appearance of Satan so quickly in this story of Mark?  Does it discourage you?

It shouldn’t.  I think we should do a better job of understanding that interference is a part of the Christian life.  It’s clearly a part of the ministry of Jesus.

Maybe interference is too soft of a word.  How about spiritual warfare? From our enemy, Satan?  There.  It is a war.  Difficulty does persist.  And if you do commit to sharing your faith as a part of your regular life, then warfare should be expected.

Ephesians 6 is a great read on warfare.  Galatians 5 also offers some good thoughts comparing life in the flesh vs. life in the Spirit. It’s when we allow the Holy Spirit to change our desires that evangelism as a priority in our day to day and week to week living will really take root.

Are you discouraged?  Have your efforts to share not seen much visible fruit?  Persist, friend.  God is in control, discouragement is part of obedience.  To God be the glory as lives are changed!


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