Tip #3: Good luck sharing Jesus when we desire other things more

This tip strikes at the heart God’s glory.  We read early in Mark about John the Baptist’s faithfulness.  We see the glory of God at Jesus’ obedient baptism.  These things should stir our hearts and minds in worship, drawing us to God.  These should only add emphasis to the landmark verse of Mark 1:15.  In this verse Jesus includes the phrase “repent and believe the good news”.

Repentance involves turning away, turning our backs, changing our minds toward sin.  God can empower us to have a totally different view of sin – yes, it can become less attractive to us.  Repentance means putting God first in all things in all ways – changing our minds to think a different way.

This involves conversations we have.  We will be horribly inefficient in sharing the gospel if other things really matter more.  It’s my hope and prayer that if you’re reading this, God’s glory will draw you like a magnet and you’ll respond by beginning to stir up conversations about Jesus with those around you.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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