Highlights from ROCK THE ROAD 2011

Here are some highlights from this past weekend’s Rock the Road trip for me personally:

1 – Having two students who got into a fight two weeks ago forgive each other and get along with each other the entire trip.

2 – One of the girls on the trip was given the homework assignment of caring for a toy infant that cried when it wasn’t fed, needed changed, or was too far away from it’s caregiver.  It was hilarious!  This was a first for the Rock the Road history books.

3 – Several of the students had never been to Kentucky before.  It was awesome to see their excitement!

4 – Watching two of the guy leaders man-handle seven teens in a wrestling match.

5 – Visiting Dayton’s RiverScape park.  It was way cooler than I anticipated!

6 – Disciplining a student for clearly breaking the rules, which was quickly followed by an apology, forgiveness, and meaningful conversations with adult leaders.  It was a blessing to be firm in discipline and also quick to forgive.

7 – Organizing Friday night and Saturday morning with my in-laws (without my wife knowing)!  It was a blessing to have them share in our ministry.

8 – The Starbucks mocha at 5:30 on Sunday night to help me get through Youth Group.  Thanks Noelle!

9 – Meaningful conversations in our van centered around our theme “What do I worship?”.

10 – 48 hours of uninterrupted ministry time, doing what I love to do.




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