Jesus Does Not Make Us Crusty

How’s that for some creativity in a blog title?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we respond to Jesus, especially the longer we know Him.

If we’re being honest, it is harder to sustain passion and wonder for things over time.  It’s evident in children; we see their excitement for that Christmas gift fade all too quickly.  It’s evident in the way we are sometimes as well; maybe our new gadget or TV or car or place to life just doesn’t satisfy us like it once did.

Maybe it’s more important than that.  Maybe we’re not thrilled so much any more with that friendship, that job, or that marriage.  Maybe we just not thrilled anymore with Jesus like we used to be.  We’re back in self-fulfillment mode, ready to handle things on our own.

As we go through the study of Mark’s Gospel as a church, it should strike us how differently people responded to Jesus.  Some were ready to receive Him.  Some were hard and crusty.  If we are Christians, we can remember back to those highlights, when we were saved, when we were at that great event.

It is truly my hope and prayer that Jesus leaps off these pages and into our hearts.  It’s a message that is fresh, real, and active – all the time.  We should be ready to celebrate everything He’s done, we should pray like crazy for Him to be celebrated in new ways in new situations, by new believers.

By no means should His love for us ever reach a point of being crusty.  Love Jesus today!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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