Is your life busy or full?

I’ve had this challenging thought the past couple of months.  Is my life busy, or full?  Do you notice the difference between the two?  Busy indicates being overwhelmed with tasks that we would rather not have to do.  Full indicates lots of opportunities to use our gifts and not waste our time.

I think the root of this issue is our attitude.  Do we dread the things on our plate, or are we grateful for opportunities to grow and serve?

If we shifted our attitudes toward being ‘full’ instead of ‘busy’, I think we could have a much better outlook on the tasks before us.  A full life certainly doesn’t mean without stress, difficulty, or challenges, but a full life is so much more rewarding than a busy life.  A busy life continually puts all of our daily burdens on our own backs.  A full life allows us to cast our burdens on Christ, and reminds us that we are joining God in His work.

Next time you think to yourself, or say “I’m busy”, ask yourself these questions.  Why do I feel busy?  What is the root of my feeling of busyness?  How can I best serve Christ in my current situation?




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