Tip #2: Are you lovingly sharing hard truths in evangelism? Use your life to point people to Christ.

Evangelism can be hard.  What?

Yes.  It can be difficult.  People may reject you, laugh at you, hate you, or stop talking to you.  I was at a conference last May where personal evangelism was being challenged.  The question went something like this:  Are you willing to cross the pain threshold in a relationship with someone by asking about Jesus, heaven, and hell?

It can be painful to risk otherwise peaceful relationships to talk about Jesus.  But when we care about people that’s what we do.  When we believe there is a coming judgment, that’s what we do.

This can be seen in John the Baptist’s ministry.  He told people to repent – to turn away from their sin.  He wanted them to be awake to God’s truth and the coming Messiah, Jesus.  We DO want the same things.  Are we willing to ask people what they think about Jesus, heaven, and hell?  The realities are there.  We say we want these things.  Will we do it?


  • Pray.  Seriously, pray.
  • Go bold.  Ask someone what they know about Jesus.
  • Tell them honestly that you care about them and want them to believe in Jesus, who forgives sin if we repent.
  • Be willing to have an open ended conversation and not limit this to a one time event.
  • Let them know you’ll answer questions.  Or, let them know you’ll find some helpful thoughts on questions you might not have an immediate answer for.
Be Bold!

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