Tip #1: Do I believe this is good news? And if so, am I inspired to share it?

In our first week of this series we focused on the term “good news”, which is what the word for “gospel” actually means.  Good news.  GOOD.  News.

But, a lot of people in culture think it’s bad news.  They think following Jesus is a set of rules.  They think it’s certain characteristics. Or church attendance.  They think all we do is focus on converts and conversions, or talking too much about homosexuality, or being anti-abortion.

Bottom line? In order to share your faith effectively, there must be a deep conviction within you that this is GOOD news.  GOOD.  What is good about your Christian faith?  What is good about the way Jesus Christ has been glorified in your life?  What is good about differences God has helped you bring about?

We are excited to share good things.  So, if it’s truly good news to you, you should check your desire to share.  We all should.  If it’s truly good, it won’t just stay in a room on Sunday or Wednesday when we meet.


  • Share with someone what’s good about God in your life.
  • Help people see the good in a tough situation.
  • Focus on sharing the good news that we can be rescued from hell (bad news if we don’t believe).  God’s grace to us is amazing if we repent!
What better news can there be?

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