Three Things to Know About Genesis 1-3

I’ll be preaching Sunday out of Genesis 3.  Here are three things to know before then

1. There was no debate about Genesis 1-3 until recently.

For the vast majority of Christian history, the vast majority of Christian believed Genesis 1-3 (and 1-11 for that matter) was literal history describing real people and a six day period where God created the earth.  It is of utmost importance to realize that only with the development of the belief of evolution (yes, my use of the word belief is intentional) has Christianity’s view of the Bible begun to change.

2. There really is a lot at stake.  

This can’t be underestimated.  We’ll get into more of the specifics on Sunday and we were exposed to a lot of the issues last Sunday as well.  Yes, your belief about what is happening in Genesis really does impact how you see Scripture.  And even if you say your belief in Genesis doesn’t impact your belief about the rest of Scripture, it can.

3. God’s Word.

It is incomprehensible today (especially to a lot of academics) that God would reveal His Word through a book.  Using whatever means necessary, academics have attacked the credibility of the Bible we have.  But it’s always stood up, and you can always find scholars who discredit liberal views designed to take the focus off God and put it on men.  As we come each week, do we believe that we hear words from God’s Word, or do we believe we just have a nice little book that teaches interesting things about interesting people?  Again, your belief about it matters.

All of this matters.  From what we believe in our minds to what comes out of our mouths to the way we treat others.  If it is God’s Word, it will have implications for our lives.  Period.  I’m praying in preparation for Sunday’s message that we’ll see the consequences and be challenged in our hearts to trust more and more in the one true God – and His eternal Word to us.

Have a great Friday everyone . . .

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin



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