Today I’m Praying For . . .

1. Marriages.  Seems like marriages are always under attack.  I’m praying that those who’ve made the commitment to honor Jesus through their marriage will be strengthened.

2. Families.  I’m praying for parents to seeks and display godly wisdom in raising their kids.  I’m praying for kids to have hearts to trust in the security and guidance their parents provide.

3. Jobs.  I’m praying for some specific people to find jobs.

4. Recent births.  I am praying for families with children recently born – that God would provide strength for the coming days of less sleep.  Also, I’m praying for a firm foundation of faith to be provided for these little ones!

5. Wisdom.  I always need wisdom to make good decisions.

6. Friends.  I’m praying for some friends who don’t know Jesus and who don’t attend church.  I pray that God would work in their hearts and lives and show them the Way to true peace!

7. Those struggling.  I pray for anyone struggling in pain-whether physical or emotional.  May God grant healing, comfort, and release.

8. The victims of the shootings in Copley.  What a terrible event.  So many things in this life go unexplained.  I pray that hearts will trust in God for His ultimate purposes that we can’t sometimes see or understand.

9. Passion.  I pray that the passion of believers in our church, in our community, and around the world will strengthen and grow and that no one would question the sincerity of the commitment made to Christ.  I pray others would just see how on fire Christians are!

10.  Finally, I’m praying for Jesus to return.


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