Some Thoughts on God’s Compassion

Our series on Nehemiah has forced us to think about God’s compassion.  It’s difficult.

If we live in a world where there are swift and specific consequences for every act of wrong-doing, then God’s compassion doesn’t really fit in our worldview.  If we are honest with Nehemiah 9, the disobedience of the Israelites eventually would have earned them complete destruction, removed from God’s plan.

But that didn’t happen.  Despite repeatedly turning their backs on God, God’s plans and His purposes proved far and above those failures.  God’s might and power in saving them and providing deliverers were not to be denied.  It’s this aspect of His love for us that really drives a lot of us crazy.  It would make more sense if He would just drive a few more of us into the ground when we screw things up.  But His compassion is huge, it never fails.  There IS justice, there is separation from Him for eternity, there is consequence for those who don’t believe.

But His compassion is worthy of our consideration.  Do we understand God’s love?  Is it transforming us or are we trying to “just be better people” completely on our own?  Do we love others like God loves us?  Do we have a growing sense of what God’s compassion is and are we growing in our ability to show it to others?

May the joy of challenge surround you as you ponder the depths of God’s love and compassion and what it means for how you live.

Have a great Friday.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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