Things to pray for!

Today, I thought I would pass on a list of things for us to be praying for.  Here they are!

VBS is this week.  We can be praying for long lasting impact on the children and families connected with Vacation Bible School.  May God move in mighty ways to grow his children and rescue the lost!

First Glance‘s Teen Moms area flooded for the second time this year.  It is very discouraging.  We can be praying for the First Glance staff, for the Teen Moms program itself as it is temporarily displaced, as well as for a permanent fix to the sewage system which is contributing to the flooding.

A family connected with Goss was greatly affected by the rain we got Tuesday morning.  Their basement, which is where they were living, was flooded up to their necks.  Lots of possessions lost.  Pray for opportunities for Goss to minister to them, as well as for their reliance on God in this tough situation.

School year programming is fast approaching and the programming structure will be looking different than in previous years.  Please pray for things to fall into place to provide ample opportunities to minister to children and entire families on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

-Don’t forget to be thankful!  Pray from your heart the things that you are thankful for.  Salvation, sanctification, food, shelter, family, friends, etc.  May we never get so caught up in the ‘needs’ that we forget how much blessing we have received!




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