A world without time

When you stop and think about time, it is actually quite a strange concept.  Most of our lives are completely structured around time.  The calendars on my desk tell me what day it is.  This morning, I coordinated a time with my friend in Thailand to have a conversation over skype, and at the same exact time, we signed on and talked to each other.  As I sit at my desk, I am starting to get hungry.  Why?  Because it is noon, and my body is telling me it is time for lunch.  I also know that it is noon because 4 digits in the top right corner of my computer screen tells me so.

Our awareness of time in our culture has certainly brought about more efficiency.  But I wonder what life would be like if time was only defined by day and night.  What if our time wasn’t so structured?

Even more so, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without experiencing any sort of time at all?

I honestly can’t even wrap my mind around living in a world without time.  The entire universe revolves around time.  Everything is bound by time.  Except for God.  God is outside of time.  Time was created by God.

When we think about God being an everlasting God, it doesn’t really make sense.  That is because we have never experienced being outside of time.  The truth is, one day our souls won’t experience time.  To some, eternity can be a scary thing.  I hope that the adventurous excitement of crossing from our time filled world to a timeless world far outweighs our fears.

Our lives are but a vapor.  Let’s use the time given to us wisely.




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