Do we need God?

I have had this questions floating around in my head the past week.  Do we really need God?

If you think about everything that we have, everything that we possess, everything that is available to entertain us, do we even need God?  By taking a step back and looking at our American middle-class culture, it is easy to see just how many things can fill our ‘God shaped’ hole.  There are so many other things in life that can make us feel ‘comfortable’.

Many of us have steady income.  Many of us have family and friends to support us.  Many of us have the material possessions needed to live a cozy life.  Many of us have iPods and TV’s that can help fill the silence.  The danger with all of these things is that they can become our God.  They can cause us to not need God to make it through life.  If we feel comfortable in the world, we have no need for God.

If you are feeling that you don’t really need God, perhaps its time to take a step of faith.  Perhaps its time to intentionally make yourself uncomfortable and be forced to rely on God.

The answer to the question “Do we need God?” is always a resounding YES!  We desperately need Him in all areas of our lives.  May we always be reminded of our need for Him.




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