Don’t Tell People Jesus Loves Them . . .

. . .until you’re ready to love them.  Or, how about this for emphasis:

Don’t tell people Jesus loves them . . . until YOU’RE ready to love them.  I heard this statement this week and it really challenged me.  I hope it challenges the love you have for people, and the ways that love will be expressed.  As with a family member or close friend, loving them means certain things for what you’ll do for them.  The same can be said for our love of others.

But first, sometimes we need to challenge our attitudes about love and confront our judgmental spirits.

Our June 26 Sunday morning sermon is already beginning to tug at my heart (Luke 7:36-50 will be our text), but for today how about a few thoughts to help you consider this:

  • Who are the people you’re not ready or willing to love?
  • Are there people you think don’t deserve God’s love?
  • If God is tugging on your heart with specific answers to the above two questions, what will you do about it?

Have a great Friday everyone.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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