A heartbreaking incident

Yesterday I received information in an email from Dale Kinkade, Christian Service Brigade’s regional director, about a heartbreaking incident that occurred with a Detroit Area Battalion.

“On Saturday, May 21st, a canoe with two Battalion young men entered an area of dangerous currents below a dam on the Huron River and was capsized. One of the young men, John (age 16) was immediately caught by powerful currents and was pulled under. The second young man attempted to assist, but after reaching John he was unable to succeed in freeing him from the current. By God’s grace, this second young man (also 16) was caught by a downstream current and was able to escape with minor injuries. An experienced kayaker and canoeist, Douglas Killingbeck (age 48), heard the commotion and cries for help and immediately launched into the area below the dam in an attempt to rescue John. Douglas was overtaken by the current during his attempted rescue, and both John and Douglas were pronounced dead at the scene by emergency response teams.”

Video of the story can be found HERE.

I was in disbelief after reading this.  It hits home a little bit harder because it was a member of a Battalion, and we have a Battalion group here at Goss.  I just can not imagine what the families are going through.  The loss of a son.  The loss of a father.  The loss of a friend.  All in an instant.

I am amazed at the self-less act of Douglas Killingbeck.  As devastating as this must be for his family, what a way to enter into eternity.  Dying trying to save someone else.  Wow.

As heartbreaking as this is, I know that we as believers do not grieve without hope.  Although we do not fully understand why things happen, we can trust that God is in control, and that He can make beautiful things out of dust.  Will you join me in praying for this Battalion and church community in the Detroit Area?




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  1. What a heartbreak! Life does change forever in an instant as these families now experience. May the Lord surround them with sustaning grace through His people and His Word.
    Thank you for your ministry and for adding Widows Christian Place to your blog list. Please let me know if or how WCP can be of better service to you. Blessings today and always, fbh

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