Our Identity

If you were to describe yourself with five adjectives, what adjectives would you choose?  Would you choose outgoing?  Introverted?  Male?  Female?  Young?  Old?  Would you describe yourself by your race?  By your economic class?  By your academic accomplishments?  When we really stop and think about describing ourselves, we find that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of ways that we describe ourselves and others.

Teenagers are often in a state of self-evaluation.  During these formative years, teens ask themselves the questions “Who am I?” and “How do I fit in?”  In some ways, I think we all ask ourselves these questions, but teenagers ask them often.   The way teenagers answer these simple questions has a huge impact on how they live their lives.

The Goss Youth mission statement is: To passionately help teens find and live out their identity in Jesus Christ.  During Youth Group this past month, we talked about how and where we find our identity.  It is so easy for teenagers to find their identity in the world and in how others perceive them.

So how would you describe yourself?  If you had five adjectives, would ‘Child of God’ have made the list?  It is truly amazing how important we say God is, but often times when we think about ourselves we forget the most important part of our identity.  Even more important than our economic class, age, character, physical characteristics, race, and gender is that we are co-heirs with Christ.   We are His, and that should define us.




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