Matters of Life and Death

The past week of celebrations should have in some way engaged the mind of any believer to think about life and death.  In play are the life and death of Jesus Christ the Son of God, as well as our own personal life and death.

At Goss Memorial we looked this past Sunday at I Corinthians 15:12-28 which talked about matters of life and death.  We will continue as we study this chapter in depth over the next couple Sundays.  A few challenging thoughts for you:

  • Is your life pitiful if you don’t have any hope for beyond the grave?  The Bible says it is.
  • Trying to explain the resurrection of Jesus by natural means strips the entire event of its power.
  • The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are couched in the language of being saved.  Can we lift our voices and hearts in praise to Jesus for His powerful display which saves us from eternal suffering?
So, what is life and death to you?  To Jesus, life and death began with belief.  If we have belief in Jesus, we have life.  If we don’t believe in Jesus, we don’t have the fullest of life on this earth and we certainly don’t have life forever in heaven?  Is it life and death to get the house project done?  To watch that show?  Are the souls of the lost around you as important to you as the other things which garner your attention?
Life.  Death.  Jesus died so we could have life.  I hope that’s important to you and I hope those who live near and work with you know it too.
In Christ,
Pastor Kevin

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