Authority. Where Does Yours Come From?

This may seem basic, but I would like to take a minute to let readers (of any church or background) know that the battle over the word of God is under way.  What battle?  Didn’t know there was one?  Let me give you a clue or two . . .

  • Recently a huge debate (by huge I mean it ended up on cable news and morning shows) raged over whether hell exists.
  • Less and less Christians believe Genesis 1-11 is really describing historical events.
  • Traditional moral ethics, supported by the Bible, now get you labeled as “intolerant”.
  • A group seeking to build a life size Ark in Kentucky was made fun of on late night shows for being dumb.  The goal of the Ark theme park is to teach the story of Noah’s Ark as history and point people to Christ.

I could go on and on.  Is the Bible an authority in your life?  If so, live like it.  If not, consider why not.  If you just don’t want it to be and you claim to be a Christian, then quit pretending.  If you’re pretending and on the fence, may I encourage you to make the Bible your authority and see if things are somehow less satisfying for you?

Be challenged. . .

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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