Things you might not know about this Youth Director

– I would not be able to do ministry without my supportive wife.  Just wouldn’t happen.

– The TV shows that I like to watch are The Event, The Today Show, The Office, and Shark Tank.

– I don’t have it all my theological thoughts together, but am OK with the wonder/mystery of it all.

– It is very rare that I have 3 or more nights a week with no church/ministry activities.

– I miss playing soccer.  Perhaps joining a Men’s League will be in my future.

– I often find myself struggling between grace and works.

– I wish I had more time to practice, play, and perhaps write music and develop as a worship leader.

– At times, I can be the furthest thing from a ‘prayer warrior’.  Definitely something that is in the developing stages in my walk.

– I secretly (not anymore I suppose) wish I could grow my hair out until it could all get pulled back in a pony tail.  Curse you societal expectations!

Random?  Perhaps.  Just thought I would share a bit about what makes me me.




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