Encouragement for Men

Sorry, ladies.  This blog post is some encouragement for men.  You are free to read it and free direct the men in your life to read it, but for today I wanted to encourage men reading this.  Here are several things I’ve been thinking about that I want to share with guys:

  1. Men, are we truly taking the lead in our homes?  Are we able to sit with our families for prayer, Bible reading, singing?  Are we truly loving our wives sacrificially in all ways, as Christ loved us?
  2. Are we bored?  A lot of what has been written and published to Christian men talks about Christianity boring men.  Well, if the goal is to sit in a pew and be entertained for an hour every week, then yes, Christianity will bore you.  But, if you ask God to work in your life and to use you for great things, then you will be on an adventurous ride of challenge, love, forgiveness, ministry, and leadership that will excite you and fulfill you till the day you die.
  3. What are the biggest sins men struggle with?  Lust and Pornography?  Pride?  Greed?  Probably yes to all of these.  Men, are we known for our simplicity and humility, or for power hungry-ness and lack of self control?
  4. Are we leaving legacies for our children?  Do we disciple them regularly?  Do we know how to pray for each of our children?  Do we have spiritual conversations with them and encourage their growth in the faith?
  5. Is eternity really in view for us?  While this applies to all questions, I really do think men who live for eternity have a powerful witness to other guys.  How can we encourage each other to keep on living for Jesus more and more?
  6. Finally, how is your personal growth?  Are you committing time daily to spend with Jesus through prayer and Bible reading?  If you need help starting with these things (or anything mentioned here), ask!  It’s not complicated to begin reading and learning and developing the most important relationship you have.  All your other relationships depend on it!

I pray today for the men of Goss Memorial and for any man who stopped by to read this.  I pray that we will all realize our imperfections.  I pray that today we would confess and repent of any sin hindering our hearts from following Jesus.  I pray that as men we’ll destroy the idols of pride, lust, and greed and fix our hearts and vision on Jesus, mighty to save us from our sins and equip us to make a difference in our families and in this world!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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