Results, Results, Results

Here is a specific way you can pray for anyone  in ministry, including Josh our youth director, and me!

Ministry is different from other jobs.  In most jobs, you can go to work for a structured period of time, do a set task, and see the results of your labor.  Then you clock out and go home.

Ministry is different.  You may prepare diligently to teach and share God’s word week in and week out and never have any idea what (if any!) impact it is making.  God may not bring any particular teaching or personal investment to bear any fruit until weeks or even months after it was originally taught.

In ministry, the results really are up to God.  Sure, we can feel good that we prepared things, organized and hosted events, and cared for a certain number of people in a certain number of ways.  But, the specific ways this brings impact to people isn’t really up to us.  It truly is up to God.

Can this be frustrating?  Yes!  Would I like to know exactly how the preaching is affecting each person every week?  Yes! (Believe it or not, I cannot tell by your body language).  But, that’s not what I’m asking for.  What I AM asking for (as stated in the beginning) is prayer.  Pray that we would keep our passion to minister God’s Word faithfully, trusting Him for the results.

Jesus, change our lives!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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