First I must confess that I know very little about the world.  I tend to think I know some things based on what I learn through the media, but truly I know very little about the world in which we live.  One way that my brain has understood the world is that there are many ‘worlds’ within this world.  What I mean to say is that other countries, people groups, regions, and even situations seem so different from my circumstances as a white, middle class American that they almost seem like another world entirely.

Egypt is one of those situations for me.  I can not put myself in the shoes of an Egyptian.  What would my opinions be?  Would I be pro-Mubarak or anti-Mubarak?  Would I be involved with the rallies, or would I not?

When events such as these from around the world become known to me, I often think “Well, what can I do?”  200 years ago we would have no knowledge what was happening in Egypt, but technology has allowed us to actually see images of the political unrest.  So what do we do with this knowledge?  This leads me to an important question.

Is it possible that our prayers can actually impact what happens around the world?

I mean, do I REALLY believe that prayer matters?  If I do, then why am I not continually praying for the people (who are in a completely different ‘world’ than me) involved with these terrifying situations?

I have to believe that there are Christians in Egypt who God can use to bring about His peace, love, and life.  I need to remember to pray for the Christians, and Muslims, in Egypt.

After all, isn’t God’s purpose a global purpose?




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