One Big Dysfunctional Family

If you think your family is dysfunctional, have a look at this one.

In Youth Group, we have been looking at the lives of those at the beginning of God’s promise, and the nation of Israel.  If you want to consume yourself with some good stories of drama on this snow/ice day, crack open Genesis and you will find crazy stories everywhere.  Have you ever read the story of Judah?  I mean, how do you teach that to teenagers?

These are the ‘types of people’ that we weep over in our generation.  Adults and youth caught up in lying, cheating, sexual promiscuity, and the likes.  My heart breaks for kids who are treated worse than their siblings, and for youth who so deeply desire love that they seek sexual relationships outside of the context of marriage.  It seems humanity has not changed much at all.

Some questions I presented to the youth were:

Why would God choose so many sinful people to be the foundation of His nation of promise?

What do these stories of brokenness tell us about God’s character?

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Do you know where this family tree is headed?  It’s leading up to Jesus Christ.  Isn’t that incredible?  The line of Judah brings about the redeemer of the world!



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  1. Wilma said

    The whole purpose of this bloodline was to keep it pure so that Jesus could be born from 100% humans (not Nephilims) who believed in Him. Although it may seem that they are sinful, those types were allowed for the same reason I mentioned above. These people just show what all of us have, in different measure, in our hearts.

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