God & Ted Williams

I’m sure we have all seen the story of Ted Williams, the homeless man from Columbus Ohio with ‘The Golden Voice’.  The nation was captivated by the real-life story of an homeless ex-radio announcer who became a crack addict and alcoholic, and was discovered by a Columbus Dispatch writer who video recorded Ted’s booming voice and broadcast it on YouTube.

What is interesting to me in this story is how often God has been brought up in the discussion.  Ted himself gives credit to God and thanks God for this opportunity to leave his troubled life and start anew.  In TV interviews, his family has often brought up God and their faith in Jesus Christ as well.  Often times the media edits out faith and religion from the story, but the faith of Ted Williams seems so intertwined with his story that it is impossible to leave out.

The reason Ted’s story is so captivating is because of our longing for redemption.  We want to see that it can happen to anyone.  We want to believe that a homeless man can become a millionaire.  We want to believe that someone can recover from decades of addiction to drugs and alcohol.  We want to believe in a God who can redeem all things.

And we can.  We must.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that Ted Williams will not fall back into a life of addiction.  Every day, all of us are given the choice to pursue things that are not of Jesus Christ.  Ted has already been in rehab and his overnight success has overshadowed his long road to recovery.  It is easy to look to God and thank him when something spectacular happens, but real faith, real trust in God is displayed most powerfully during difficult times.  I hope and pray that Ted Williams (and all of us) will know the God of peace and love in both the mountain tops and valleys of life.

This story is a reminder to me that there is always opportunity for redemption.  It is also a reminder to me that sanctification can be a long a difficult process.

Here is a link to a USA Today writer’s take on God & Ted Williams.




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