Jacob wrestles with God

In Youth Group this past Sunday, we looked at the story of Jacob and Esau, and the story of Jacob wrestling with God.  I reluctantly use the word story here because of course its important to remember that these Old Testament stories are not just stories, but rather real life events that actually happened.

The story of Jacob wrestling with God is found in Genesis 32.  Here are the highlights as I see them:

– Jacob journeys to find Esau in order to reconcile with him after Esau hated him for taking his birthright.

– Jacob wrestles ‘The Man’ in the middle of the night.  Turns out it was God. (Yikes!)

– ‘The Man’ could not overpower Jacob.

– ‘The Man’ sent Jacob away limping.

– ‘The Man’ renames Jacob, and calls him Israel.

I myself have been wrestling with some questions that come out of this story.

– Why did God choose to wrestle with Jacob on his journey to reconcile with Esau?

– Why didn’t God reveal His name to Jacob?  Why did he answer Jacob’s question with a question?

– If this was God in human form, was it Jesus?

– Why does Jacob win this wrestling match if it was truly against God?

– In what ways should we wrestle with God?




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