Where have you heard this word used most in the past decade?  I would venture to guess that I have heard it most in reference to Radical-Extremists Terrorist groups.  Perhaps this connection has negatively distorted my view of the word a bit, but in other ways it strangely paints a picture of what the word radical means.

The top three definitions according Websters Dictionary are:

1 : of, relating to, or proceeding from a root.

2 : of or relating to the origin : FUNDAMENTAL

3 : very different from the usual or traditional : EXTREME

I find it so interesting that the word radical means both fundamental and extreme.  Doesn’t that seem like two competing definitions?  It isn’t though!  Let’s think about the word radical in the context of our faith in Jesus Christ.  If we think of radically following after Christ, what radical means is returning to what Jesus actually said and following it.  This is fundamental in that Jesus Christ is our root, our origin, and the basic foundation for our faith.  This is extreme in that it is counter-cultural, and so few of us Christians actually do it!
I received a book entitled RADICAL for Christmas this year, and it is by David Platt.  The book’s tag line is ‘Taking back your faith from the American dream.’  I am both excited and terrified to read this book.  Jesus calls us to abandon everything in order to follow after him, and my human natures rebel against that calling.
So I leave you with a question.  Does Jesus Christ call all of us to live radically?
***Reader Beware***
The Holy Spirit may actually convict you to abandon something that is very important to you.  I implore you to pray, think, listen, and act upon these convictions if you decide to read this book.

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