Some Short Monday Thoughts

This will be a short smattering of thoughts resulting from an overcrowded mind.  Here goes for the Monday mind release!

  • I said something yesterday along the lines of this:  People can’t control spiritual growth.  After over 10 years of ministry, I have never believed that to be more true.  Holy Spirit, move in us!
  • I hope to consider the expectations I place on people.  I also hope the reverse will be true!
  • God is a powerful, powerful God.  In other religions, many many times you miss this sort of drastic life change that we see in Paul.  If there is life change, it often involves negative results.  Paul’s example should really inspire us for what Jesus can do inside us!
  • I pray that in everything we will consider our motive:  are we seeking to look ourselves look good, or to make Jesus look good?  If we are finding things in our lives where our motives are not pure, I pray we will smash whatever idol satisfies us more than Jesus.
  • At evening service last night, we even talked about how ministry can be an idol.  It is VERY possible to be in ministry for the wrong motives, seeking to glorify ourselves instead of the Lord Jesus.
  • Think.  Hard.  Evaluate.  Pray harder.  Ask God to change your desires and make them like His.

Have a great Monday everyone!

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin



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