God vs. Man

It has been very fascinating to me to see this theme leap off the pages of Scripture so far in our studies since August.  We are going through the first letter Paul wrote to the Corinthians, and we’ve seen this theme over and over.  Let me summarize several ways:

1.  Wisdom – the Corinthians needed to be reminded that the wisdom of the cross of Christ was superior to their wisdom

2.  Actions – personal conduct, from sexual immorality to marriage to settling disputes, is best if done in obedience to God rather than following man’s beliefs or the latest trends.

3.  Leadership – Paul was under attack from people who did not think he was the right guy or wasn’t doing everything they wanted.  Instead of supporting their leadership, they were divided (with some groups following various apostles) and weakened.  Unifying in Christ and trusting solid leadership are much better than man’s power plays, backbiting, and criticism.

As we’ve gone along so far, we’ve see how devastating pride can be when people think they have things figured out.  There is great and destructive sin that can follow.  Paul called the Corinthians to bold faithfulness and tough action.  And we’ve gone right along, hearing these words and gaining some really good knowledge and practical tips.

This Sunday, though, the stakes will be raised.  There is a trade that faith in Christ really challenges us to make.  It cuts to the depths of our will and desires.  Will you pray for your vision to be clear, your heart to be ready, and for God’s Words to come alive this Sunday?  I pray that they will, and that the glory will be all God’s – not any man’s.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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