Top 10 of ’10

Here are my top 10 of ’10 memories.  What are yours?

  1. Julie and I have taken in several foster care placements this year.  It has been enjoyable to honor God with this service.  We are still praying for the right situation to adopt a child.
  2. Wrapping up 10 years of youth ministry.  I have many fond memories of the 10 years I spent in youth ministry.  Actually, I have watched the video/slideshow a couple times over the past week.  What a combo of heartbreak and joy.
  3. Pastor Bud’s retirement from Goss.  Pastor Bud had a big influence on me in ministry, and his retirement was certainly a significant part of my life for 2010.
  4. Man, this summer was hot! I will remember the summer of 2010 for running my air conditioner more than I have in the past.  Here’s hoping for a cooler 2011.
  5. Truly riveting news stories. Oil spill, ash cloud, Chilean miners.  There was a lot to pay attention to this year to be sure.
  6. Going to New York City.  On Friday, August 6, Larry Walton and I took off for New York City out of Canton/Akron.  We returned Saturday afternoon the 7th!  But we had a great time, seeing a lot of stuff in those 30 or so hours.  Too bad the Red Sox beat the Yankees.
  7. Trips with the family.  I truly love my kids and it’s great when we get a few days away here and there.  Trips to grandmas, a trip to the beach, day trips to grandparents in Alliance – these all make for wonderful memories of 2010.
  8. Completing Greek I.  Language has always been baffling to me, and Greek I was no different.  I made it through.  I really do doubt whether I’ll try to conquer Greek II.
  9. Another year of experience. There are lots of things I experienced on a personal level in 2010 that are helpful.  Whether it’s been enduring crisis, surviving a tough training season and running another race, learning a new set of responsibilities, seeing our home still functioning well and with purpose after adding children to it at various times, it’s been a great year of learning and growing.
  10. Loving people is awesome. I know there are some people who would not enjoy my job.  But I love my job, because at the heart of loving my job is loving people.  It’s a joy to love people by pointing them toward a deeper faith in Christ.  I pray that my own faith deepens in 2011 and that we will see God to great things among us.

Enjoy your New Year’s Celebrations.  See you tonight at 6:00 for the annual New Year’s Dinner.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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