I experience the world through music.  My wife is frequently baffled as to how many details in life I forget, yet I can remember the lyrics to nearly every song I’ve ever heard.  So naturally, when I think about love, I connect what it means to love with songs that I have heard about love.

My opinion is there are too many songs about love.  Almost every artist, Christian and secular, writes about love.  Love gets used in so many different ways, perhaps so much so that the word love has lost its meaning.

As we approach the last Sunday of Advent, we will be challenged with what it means that God loves us.  God’s love for us isn’t comparable to any other love we have ever or will ever experience.  It is passionate.  It is relentless.  We as humans try so hard to compare our experiences with God to our experiences with other people, but the truth is God and humans are incomparable.  We can’t say God loves us like someone else loves us.  We can’t compare His love to anything else.

I’ve been personally moved by the story behind a song called  “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan, which has recently been made popular by the David Crowder Band.  If you are musically minded, I would encourage you to watch and listen to these videos, and be challenged as to just how much God loves us.

The Story Behind the Song How He Loves

The Song How He Loves

What a great way to conclude Advent – with Love.  May we think about how Hope, Peace, and Joy help us catch just a glimpse of God’s Love for us.




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