A Specific Aspect of Peace

Well it’s the time of year where materialism goes bonkers.  We are living in a material world, and whether we are girls, boys, men, or women, it sort of stares us in the face!

I want to talk today about financial peace.  Obviously, the more money you have, the easier it is to have financial peace.

And so the question becomes: does it look like we have peace?  What view of material things do we portray to others?  This is a struggle to be sure.  There is not enough space in one blog entry to detail every single item of a monthly budget, so let’s settle for a general observation.  Is giving a top priority?

I think people who are able to give money away have found the secret to not letting it control them.  If giving is a top priority in the monthly and yearly scheme of things, then chances are you are on your way to financial peace.

Which is why we are being specific regarding this year’s advent challenge.  Buying things for kids or family is great.  No one can deny it is a neat feeling to watch someone open a gift they really want.  But think:  what if a total stranger gets your money, or a ministry?  There are people who may need our resources more than or in addition to an extra gift for someone in our family.  Or, in addition to giving gifts to family, we might truly shine the light of Jesus into someone’s life by sacrificing funds for them.

There is nowhere in the Bible where it says you have to exchange gifts every Christmas.  So, if you are going to, by all means pray and seek God to see how you can share your resource with someone else as well as you focus on Christ this Advent.

From our Sunday night time last night, “Set your hearts on things above” (Colossians 3:1)

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin



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