Hope brings PEACE

As we continue the season of Advent at Goss, I am reminded today just how connected peace is with hope.

On Sunday, we looked at the incredible real life story of the Israelites and how God displayed his might and power in the rescue of the Israelite slaves out of the land of Egypt.  I mean seriously, how much money would you fork out to have witnessed the parting of the Red Sea!?!?  The Israelites had no idea how God was going to save them, and I tend to think a good number of them didn’t think that he would.  But the Israelites, if they so chose, were able to place their Hope (in the midst of years of suffering) in a God who is able to provide.

In this world, peace is often pursued, but not frequently found.  Perhaps the problem is that we think peace is simply happiness or the absence of conflict, but certainly it is much more than that.  Peace is not an absence of something, but rather the fullness of Christ.

If our HOPE and confidence is truly in Jesus Christ, what a PEACE that will bring to our hearts and lives.

May we receive the eternal peace that our Lord and Savior provides.




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