What makes sense?

For those of you who didn’t make it to Sunday evening service last night, you missed a good one.  No, this is not a shameless plug to up the Sunday night attendance.  Instead, I just wanted to share a few thoughts from our breeze through on Hebrews 11:

So many of the Old(er) Testament heroes were commended. They are on the Biblical record and they deserve it.  They just did things because they had faith.  They didn’t know what was going to happen, then didn’t know how or when.  Sometimes, they sinned because they didn’t have sight and got rushed into things getting ahead of God.

But most of them lived – boldy.  And we made the comparison to their faith that New Testament Christians should have.  Yes, we have something to look forward to.  We believe that Christ will return to this earth.  Do we live with fearless boldness knowing it will happen?

We looked at several things that stop us from living like eternity is most important.  On our short list were comfort, others’ opinions, convenience, etc.  These are good things to think through and challenge ourselves with.  What things keep you from pursuing eternal values?

In the end, it is one idea in a conversation I had following the service that stuck with me most.  None of the people lifted up as heroes in Hebrews 11 did anything that made sense.  You can read the chapter yourself for a list of things they endured – and none of it makes sense.  Our human nature seeks stability, comfort, possessions, entertainment, etc.  Those sold out to passionately follow God? People should look at our lives and think:

It doesn’t make sense.

More to come on this topic as the Advent season is upon us.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin


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