Having everything, but possessing nothing

Thousands of years ago, God made a promise to a man named Abraham.  That promise was that his wife would bear a son, and he would be the father of an entire nation.  A nation so large that it would equal the stars in the sky.  After years of doubt, frustration and sin, Sarah finally gave birth to Isaac in her old age (of about 90 years old).

I’m sure many of you know this story.

After years of waiting for this one son from God, Abraham was asked to kill him.  God asked him to kill him – to sacrifice him as a burnt offering.  Umm.. Excuse me?

The insane part of this story to me is that he plans to do it.  He packs up his things, gets his servants, makes sure he has enough wood, and heads off to kill his only child.  I can’t help but wonder what Abraham is thinking and feeling at this point in the story.  Also, what in the world does Isaac think about this?  (I can imagine him years later bringing this up in a counseling session…)

If you know the story, you know that as soon as Abraham completes building the altar, binds up Isaac and is getting ready to slit his throat, God stops him.  God found out that Abraham fears Him because he didn’t withhold his own son from Him.

Abraham had everything, but possessed nothing.  Abraham had a wife, servants, a son, cattle, sheep, camels, herds, goods, land, and certainly had earthly wealth!  But he possessed none of it.  All that he had was God’s – even his own son.

I wonder how many times a day we talk or think about the things, people, and places around us and use the word ‘my’ to describe them.  My lunch.  My laptop.  My clothes.  My wife.  My kids.  My house.  What makes them ours?

What if we truly had the attitude that everything that is ‘ours’ is actually God’s?

This Thanksgiving season, may we all be thankful for the blessings around us, but possess none of them.




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