The Power of Labels

We read this book with our kids.  Max Lucado wrote it and the title of it slips me.  But it has to do with people in this town who go around all day putting labels on each other.  And the nice looking people get stars and fancy stickers, and the others get a bunch of blah.

Well in the story there is a Creator figure.  You can always go to this character and He will cheer you up.  He will remind you that the labels people put on you don’t matter.  He is the one who created the people in the story.  And the moral of the story is . . .

The only label anyone wears that matters is what their Creator wanted.

We got into this a bit in yesterday’s sermon.  It is our identity in Christ that anchors us.  No question.  I pray that the idea that we are saved by Jesus’ blood will revolutionize our relationships, the way we treat people, and give us the strength to endure difficult circumstances.  I pray that all of our relationships will be truly Gospel Centered – because the center of our lives and our life change has been the Gospel itself.

Praise Jesus for his death and resurrection.  Praise Jesus today for the forgiveness offered and the hope of the resurrection.  May these truths always shape and guide us more and more.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin



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